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Our mission at Firebrand is to know Jesus, and to make Him known in our community, in our nation, and in the world.

3/1/2020 LevelUp

Barry White: Finding God in the middle, making room for the Holy Spirit-

Taking this time to listen and hear from the LORD and give us direction, step out of comfort zones, step into uncertainty and FAITH. 

The Radical Middle

Question: How deep, how far, how long? It cannot be measured- Love and Compassion


I have walked across galaxies just to look upon you.

Stars I have used as stepping stones to reach you.

The night sky is simply a curtain drawn and about to be opened to a new day.

My heart was filled the day I created you, that day was worked with fresh dew.

Lift your voices together and sing and I will gather them like the lilies in the spring.

Your worship and praise have been heard.





Firebrand Church partners with New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI).

NCMI is a trans-local ministry team, with an apostolic heart who help pastors to equip and mobilize believers at the local-church level.

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